Take a Look Inside Our Store!

You can find a wide array of items at Start Over Games. We have the classics you loved as a kid as well as the games of today. Below you can see what we have in our store, so if you're looking to add to your collection please stop in and check us out!


Naturally as a video game store, our walls are filled with games.

When we say retro to modern, we mean it. We have games from as way back as the Odyssey 2 and the Atari 2600 to the games of today and everything in between.

If you're looking to add to your collection or start a new one, stop by and check out what we have!


What good are the games without a system to play them on? Just like our games, our systems range from classic to current.

If you want to play that system you had as a kid or try out one you've never played before, we have a wide selection to choose from!


Need an extra N64 controller for those four player Smash Bros games? Have a Genesis that's missing an AC adapter? Is your copy of Link's Awakening no longer saving? Are you trying to hook up your original Atari to your flatscreen tv? We may be able to help you out!

We carry a number of extra accessories and parts for all of the various systems we have. Whether it's controllers, cords, batteries and more, if you're looking for a random accessories give us a visit, we may have it for you!


We don't just have games and systems, we have video game related collectibles you can check out as well.

If you're looking for some Amiibo or Skylanders to round out your collection, we have a variety of each.

We also have some one of a kind autographed items such as game carts and game boxes signed by the creators of the games, as well hand drawn art video game art signed by the artist.

Stop on in to check out all the different items we have!

Pixel Art

Does your game room need a little decoration? Looking for a gift for the gamer in your life? Our homemade pixel art is the perfect solution!

We have large variety of art, from smaller items like magnets and keychains to larger items like canvases and lamps made from an NES Zapper. And yes, the trigger is the on/off switch!

If you don't have a green thumb, we also have the perfect kind of plants for you. Our pirahna plants don't require any water.

Stop on in to check out all the different items we have!

Story Pic 2


What are you supposed to do when you're not playing games? Read about games, of course!

We have various books, player guides as well as a selection of classic video game magazines, including everyone's favorite, Nintendo Power! Get the power!