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Insert Probe Joke Here (GET IT!?!?!?!)

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Aliens! We all love them, some of us wish that they’d hurry up and get here already (I HAVE A POOL TO WIN) but one of the quintessential video game tropes is shooting aliens by the droves. Who doesn’t love taking out a group of greys and saving the world in the process? Well, Area 51, for the PS2, allows you to do just that. A loose remake of the 1995 arcade classic (that was literally in every restaurant and gas station and tanning salon if you’re my age), Area 51 sticks you in the shoes of Ethan Cole, a soldier sent to Area 51 to clean up a nasty virus that’s making a mess of everything around him. The voice cast is pretty stacked for the time period. David Duchovny voices Cole, while the likes of Powers Booth and Marylin Manson provide additional voices (okay, that last one isn’t as cool, but you know, I have to work with what I can). The game scored a comfortable 75 on metacritic and was praised for its gameplay and docked for its lack of originality when it comes to the story. All in all, a nice, summer game to keep you busy while the Earth literally cooks around us. Area 51 is at Start Over Games right now on the PS2 for $19.99

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