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Shadows of Adam

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I think we can safely say that the 16-bit era of JRPGs was the greatest era in all video games. The limited graphical power forced the story and characters to take on the weight of the game and yet we can still look back on those games as having amazing art design, capturing unique worlds with as few resources as possible. Shadows of Adam, available for the Nintendo Switch, aims to reignite your love for those kind of games. We are treated to a story about a young hero venturing into the world to save her father and the entire world, as per usual in these types of games. You get to explore dungeons, build up a party of unique characters, and fight cool-looking bosses. It’s clear the developers took their time and passion and put it in every aspect of this game. Plus, because it’s a limited run release, you get a physical copy, instead of just getting a digital copy. This would look so cool on your shelf! There weren’t a ton of reviews on metacritic, but those that were praised the game for it’s presentation and gameplay and didn’t like that it wasn’t as long as your typical JRPG, only about 10-12 hours, but honestly, as an adult with stuff to do, I kinda like shorter games, but that’s a rant about game length for another day. Shadows of Adam is available right now at Start Over Games for $36.99.

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